About Us

The main aim of the Center of Foreign Languages LINGVO STUDIO is to provide youth and adults with the possibility to learn a foreign language rather easily. Upon a choice it is possible to take a course of one of the following languages - English or German, Italian or Romanian, including Russian. You can study a special course of spoken foreign language according to the program "Foreign Language as a second language”.

The purposes of the LINGVO STUDIO:

- to provide the training, which helps to achieve success in any area of your business.
- to increase the ability to learn through the use of application training during our courses. Here you can learn everything, easily assimilating material of any complexity, and then also apply the knowledge into practice (in work, in life).
- to improve the ability to perceive and remember any information, regardless of age. To keep pace with the time necessary to process an endless stream of information to learn new technology, that is impossible without adequate knowledge of a foreign language.
- to improving the ability to overcome communication barriers.
Our technology offers the training methods of overcoming communication barriers that has been successfully proved in practice.

LINGVO STUDIO means reliability!
• Quality of education
• Experienced teachers who are continually working to improve the curriculum

LINGVO STUDIO means availability!
• The balance between quality and price
• Monthly payment

LINGVO STUDIO means convenience!

• Year-round record of students
• Enrolling into the group on the basis of a test
• Location in the city’s center
• Ability to select the length of the course
• Comfortable classrooms

LINGVO STUDIO means advantageous!

• Small groups, individual lessons
• The ability to continue the education at any level
• The use of communicative teaching methods
• Maximum use of a foreign language

LINGVO STUDIO means fun!

• The original editions of the world's books
• Intensive summer courses
• The use of video and audio materials
• Modern techniques to help overcome the psychological barrier

LINGVO STUDIO means necessity!

• Pathways to pass bachelor exams
• In-depth grammar course
• Corporate Training